I’m feeling your love and excitement as you take this step together.

Whatever your thoughts your dream wedding is here.

The legal element of your wedding can be carried at the Registry office with a simple 2+2, just the two of you and two witnesses and the Registrar. A simple ceremony which can take place before or after your Celebrant ceremony. Most Registrar weddings take place indoors at a licensed venue, although on occasions they may be held outdoors.

A celebrant wedding can take place anywhere, anytime. I have a wealth of experience with indoor and outdoor weddings, by a lake, in a garden or barn or a grand venue. We all want a sunny day, but a little rain – huh, that never hurt anybody really. Did you know that rain is a lucky sign at a wedding? Rain brings health, wealth and a happy marriage. I don’t mind putting on my wellies and raincoat.

How do you visualise your day? You may wish to have a formal, relaxed, modern or traditional ceremony. Whatever your theme I have fresh modern ideas to express the love between you both. I like to be creative with a little bit of fun. We don’t want solemn faces do we? You may wish to include a loved reading or poem.

There are no set rules.

My first step is that we get to know each other. It’s important to feel the connection between us and that we are on the same wavelength. We will have a meeting to find out what you would like to go in your ceremony, discovering how you met, and your love story. We may even get to chat about holidays and pets.

You may like to include a symbolic ceremony such as Handfasting which is a tradition going back many years and involves using ribbons or cords in your favourite colours, tying you and your partner’s hands together, symbolising the joining of two people (hence the expression “tying the knot”). You may even know of a ritual you would like to include.

Once I have all the information you have given me and your ideas about your wedding, I will start to create an amazing script. I will go through this with you in detail, making any alterations or additions that are needed until we get it perfect. Not sure about your vows? I can help you if you wish and make suggestions. You don’t even have to memorise them, you can read them out or repeat after me.

Finally, we have got to your fabulous day. I’ll be there to steady your nerves and make sure your ceremony goes without a hitch, with you both signing an amazing certificate and ending with the announcement you have been waiting for.

In the week after your ceremony I will send you a copy of the ceremony to help you remember your day.

Don’t be like the rest of them, dare to be different. Give me a call.

Personalised Ceremony

Personalised ceremony service starts from £550 and includes: 

Initial interview (1-2 hours)

Draft ceremony (6-8 hours)

Venue liaison/visit if required (1-2 hours)

The draft Anatomy of a Ceremony (1-2 hours)

Second interview to agree and modify the first draft (1-2 hours)

Completion of the finalised draft (2-3 hours)

 Final interview and practice (2-3 hours)

Creation of a presentation copy of the ceremony (1-2 hours)

Officiate ceremony and be available for photographs if required (1-2 hours)

Contact via email, phone, text and video calls where required is unlimited

  • Handfasting from £75 – The origin of ‘tying the knot’. A Pagan/Celtic tradition where ribbons or cloth are draped over the couple’s clasped hands and then tied into a knot symbolising the bringing together of the two hearts in a union of strength and unity forever. Handfasting is a symbolic and visual element
  •  Rose Ceremony from £30 – to exchange with your partner or involve your Mums in this touching exchange of roses.

  • First Kiss, Last Kiss from £30 – Your Mums bestowed upon you your first kiss when you were born, they will now give you your last kiss before you marry.

  • Wine or Cocktail Ceremony from £45 – using red and white wine, beer or even cocktails.  Think of the fun you can have mixing your favourite tipple.  Think of a special name for your cocktail.  Two individuals becoming one.

  • Wishing Tree/Jar from £65– ask your guests to write a wish or warm words on a label and tie to the tree instead of having a guest book.

  • Custom Elements from £75 – A bespoke element made just for you

All Inclusive Personalised Ceremony Package

All inclusive personalised ceremony package starts from £700 as above and includes: 

Three special ceremony elements of choice including any custom element.