Have you thought about any of these tips?

1. Flower seeds that you and your guests may plant in their garden or a pot at home to remember your day by. Seed paper hearts are another suggestion which produce wild flowers. These favours can all be personalised. You can even get a test-tube filled with Wild Flower Bee and Butterfly Friendly Flower Seeds.

2. Use biodegradable confetti. These can be dried flower petals. Or how about getting your guests throw some birdseed when outdoors for your wedding ceremony. Another suggestion is heart shape wedding bubbles. You may not have even thought of confetti ribbons, use the colours from your wedding. These can be made into rainbow wands

3. So many couples are now using e-invites. There are so many choices from those on line templates or design our own invite.

4. Use candles made of beeswax as a centre piece for your table. Put fabric flower posies round these to add decoration. How about a potted plant as a centre piece? Have several small pots on a table for your guests to take home. Use a hessian table runner, some come with lace stitched them.

5. Bamboo plates – yes bamboo. Great for an outdoor wedding. You can even get bamboo cutlery. Now that’s different isn’t it?

6. Use wooden name tags. These can be used as a favour as well. Finish them off with the guest’s name and ribbon (using the theme of your wedding). Have you ever heard of wildflower place cards? These are made from seed paper and bloom when planted. Neat idea.

7. An organic wedding cake. You can ask your cake maker to use organic local ingredients. Having a cupcake will ensure little or no wastage.

8. Find an eco-friendly venue. Nearby. I have listed some below. Imagine arriving in a horse drawn carriage or in an electric car.

9. Eco-friendly venues:

Ravenswood Manor House, Sussex
Earth Centre, Somerset
British Airways i360 Bright, Sussex
Stockton House, Shropshire
Dewsall Court, Hertfordshire
Silver Holme, Cumbria
Middle Coombe Farm, Devon

10. It doesn’t have to stop here. Have you made your wedding gift list? This can be eco-friendly as well.
a. Recycled glass vases
b. Eco suitcase
c. Recycled newspaper coasters
d. Bamboo serving plates
e. Organic cotton bedding
f. Wooden chopping boards