Outdoor Wedding with Handfasting Ceremony

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The Bride and Groom chose to have a celebrant led wedding ceremony outdoors in a wonderful setting at Park House Hotel, Midhurst.

“Tying the knot”

In the this Celebrant Wedding Ceremony, the Bride and Groom tie the knot.

A special ceremony for a special couple.

This was such a wonderful occasion for Alex and Rosie. They had chosen to have a Handfasting ceremony within their wedding ceremony. The couple chose their favourite colours for their ribbons and cords. These were braided together to form a plait.

Wedding Handfasting
Wedding Handfasting Ceremony Picture by Whiteley Weddings

Surprised Guests at the Wedding

The guests at this wedding were unaware that there would be handfasting ceremony. The groom was very keen they shouldn’t know anything about it I had to hide the ribbons out of sight until we got to the special moment. Imagine the look on the guests face when I stopped reading and picked up these colourful ribbons and then gently placed these over their wrists. The couple looked into each other’s eyes all the time. It was very moving.

Outdoor Wedding Weather

There was a slight breeze, ribbons gently swaying, the guests listening avidly to what I was saying. It was made even more special as the guests had never witnessed a handfasting ceremony before then. Finally it got to the moment where I loosely tied a knot and then asked the Bride and Groom to gentle draw their hands apart. In doing this, the knot became tighter. This was the moment when Alex and Rosie tied the knot.

A celebrant wedding ceremony can take place anywhere you like. We do not mind being outdoors (I have wellies for a rainy day

There are so many unity rituals you can have – I just love having the cocktail ceremony with the Bride and Groom. This is another unexpected addition. For this your wedding guests can certainly join in and make a wedding toast to the couple. I will talk more about a cocktail ceremony in a separate blog.

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